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Welcome to my web site !

The purpose of this web site is to share with you our passion of Off-road motorbiking and 4 wheel drive rides in the desert.

We traveled the desert with a KTM 620, a 4WD land rover Defender 110 and Discovery. Very soon with a Mercedes Unimog 1550 L37.


With the land rover and the KTM we took part in off-road motoring  in Tunisia, in Senegal and Mauritania.

Being great fan of off-road rallies we assisted our friend who was racing with a motorbike, the Optic 2000 Tunisia Rally in 1998.


Jacques Galharret, the teacher

We went up to Gao in Mali and to Tambacounda in Senegal to cheer our good friend  Erick Farges the Biker N 94 taking part in the Paris-Dakar 2000 Rally.

Erick Farges Bike N 94, the master

I took part myself in the UAE Desert Challenge of Dubai in 1998.

Jean-Marie practicing carefully, the student


New pages about Morocco and Thar desert in Rajasthan India will be available soon.


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