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Fan of Unimog,  have a look at your favorite truck. Your photos are welcome and will be added to the gallery.

Jean-Marie's Unimog 1550L


Unimogs at "Arras-Madrid-Dakar 2002" Cross Country Rally

  Unimog 1550L double cab N423. Belgium assistance team placed  25 at  the truck overall standing.

  Unimog 1550L

N407. Italian assistance team placed 14 at  the truck overall standing.

  Unimog 1550L N404.  Nissan Dessoude assistance team  placed 26 at  the truck overall standing.

  Unimog 1550L

N405.  Nissan Italy assistance team placed 16 at  the truck overall standing.

  Unimog 1550L N403 Racing version, Italian team placed 8 at  the truck overall standing.

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All kind of Unimog!!! 

  The U 416 double    

cab of  Warkne the founder of the Unimog Club of France .

  Olivier wine grower at Fronton "Chateau Clos Mignon", prudly standing at the front of his U 416 .

   Ren and his U 404


U 1550L double or single cab equipped by Action Mobil in Austria.

  U 1550L double cab, rally assistance by Equinox

 Fred's Unimog 406 has been sold.   

Welcome to the new owners.  

   Barbara and Heinz's Unimog 1300L    

    Australian Army Unimog 1300L U1300L Australian Army  Lloyd Allison 

  U 1300L double cab camper in the Verdon canyon France.

                                               U1300L equipped by Stephen

 Mercedes-Benz advertizing       

A partner on which you can rely in the desert.


Support truck at  Pharaon Rally 1988         Winner of Paris-Dakar 1985


 Unimog demonstration " Nothing can beat a Unimog"


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